Team Media Mountaineers Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
Team Media Mountaineers
Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
Team Media Mountaineers
Team Media Mountaineers

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1994 days ago, Team Media Mountaineers created this page in support of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

During this time, the 10 members of Team Media Mountaineers gave everything:

  • Shared their page with everyone they could.

  • Received 254 donations from generous family and friends.

  • Raised $81,852.33.

Media Mountaineers' Story

As i was approaching my 38th Birthday for the 12th time i had always wanted to do something that would be not only challenging but also something i would never dream of doing normally. So in one of my drunken moments mentioned to a few (now part of the Media Mountaineers) people how good it would be to walk up a mountain and here we are....

Once the idea became a reality it now became a case of picking a worthwhile cause and not just treating it as a holiday and as we are all blokes and have fathers/sons/unlces/brothers we settled on the Prostate Cancer Foundation. It may surprise many (as it did myself) that more people die of this disease than any other cancers such as Breast Cancer.

We have set a rather large target but one we would like to achieve and with that in mind would ask all who visit the page to Donate generously to such a worthy cause.


Graham and his fellow Mountaineers.

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